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Jorge del Busto is a Los Angeles based Argentine fashion designer. His one of kind designs are inspired by the personality of his clients and enhanced by his unique vision and creativity.  His clients include those in the Hollywood spotlight as well as those who look like they belong on the red carpet simply by slipping into one of his creations.
Photo by: Dinneen Photography 
Model: Gordana Simunovic
Interior Design: Natasha Rahban



Jorge del Busto’s first Argentine ever (and one out of three Hispano-Latinos designers) to exhibit at The Hollywood Museum

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Photographed & dressed by Jorge del Busto

"I have had the privilege of working with some of the top designers and photographers in the world and Jorge Del Busto is by far my favorite. Jorge is ridiculously talented, makes me feel at ease in front of the camera and produces the most beautiful creations which he then showcases in the most outstanding photos. I believe it's Jorge's unique skill set which allows him to create such masterpieces with his clothing line. He incorporates his dance background to mirror the flow and movement of a woman's body and combines this with his artist's eye to develop such extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces. Jorge has a gift for finding everyone's light and has an eye like no other for bringing out everyone's beauty with his designs and capturing it all on film."

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I believe in more style and substance when I create as opposed to what is on trend.  
My creations are less about what everyone else is doing that season and more about what looks good on my clients.  I would also define myself as a designer who has a social consciousness when it comes to my designs.  
Most people do not realize that the fashion industry world-wide is one of the biggest contributors to an unhealthy planet.  Mass production of garments and factories are harming our environment.  
My designs are one of a kind with a lot of hand sewing and recycling of fabrics and accessories when possible.  I don’t believe in wasting resources while at the same time I am creating unique pieces of beauty and style.  
Jorge del Busto.

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Jorge del Busto was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His first muse was his grandmother, an accomplished artist and socialite, who inspired del Busto's passion to draw and design. At  age six, he started painting, giving him solace and a sense of creativity.  He attended an art studio for 6 years. At age 12, he made his first fashion drawings, however, his father destroyed them, thus stifling all del Busto's efforts to draw and paint. His parents divorced and at age 15 he moved with his siblings and mother to the Capital where he began studying again under the aegis of his aunt (an accomplished painter). He Begins to flourish, having his first art show, performing in theaters and as a commercial model.  

     When del Busto turned 21 he self-exiled out of his country and away from his family to Paraguay and Brazil so he could follow his dreams. He moved to the United States at age 24 to pursue his career.  In 1997 local publications named him as One of the Most Stylish Men in Chicago.  He quickly integrated himself into the social scene in Chicago and Los Angeles and made a name for himself as a lifestyle coach and image consultant. In 2003, del Busto created his activewear line and the first fitness fragrance called "Energy Up" by Jorge del Busto.

      In Chicago, a prominent lawyer asked Jorge to create a gown for her.  She became the most photographed women at the gala in all the social magazines and the encounter elevated del Busto's reputation as a fashion designer.   del Busto opened his first Atelier ~cum~ apartment in the heart of Chicago's Gold Coast to create and showcases his gowns and elegant wear for his private clients. 

        Since his first collection, he and his designs have been featured in many local and national magazines such as Chicago Social, Michigan Avenue, Panache, Angeleno Magazine, Riviera and others. His beautiful and soft architectural designs caught the attention of fashion producers. del Busto was scheduled to show his first '08/'09 A/W collection at Chicago's Fashion Week. The show was unexpectedly canceled five days prior to the launch. Jorge took it upon himself to produce and save the event in three days (see the attached Chicago Tribune Article). At the time he sat on the Board of Directors for Midwest Fashion Week.                                                                                                                   In 2007, he opened his first multi-space concept store in Chicago, mixing the arts, fashion and fitness.  

In an effort to promote emerging Midwest talent in the industry, twice a month del Busto opened his gallery/showroom to the public so they could meet the new designers of clothing, jewelry and accessories, artists and freelance photographers.  Artists and fashion designers showcased their craft free of charge. " I had the opportunity to have my own space.  It was natural for me to help my community", says del Busto. 

      His most passionate goal was to put Chicago and the Midwest on the fashion map similar to the cities of Paris, Milan and New York, etc., making Chicago and the Midwest a desirable place for buyers and fashionistas. He presented his 2009 S/S collection during Midwest Fashion Week (Oct. 2008) and in the International Showcase of the Latino Fashion Week (Nov. 2008). In Los Angeles and Chicago he showcased his dresses in multiple charity events. 

     del Busto is not only active in the art and design communities, he is also very involved with many non-profit organizations such as Chicago House, an organization that provides housing services for families with HIV/Aids; Marklund, a network of services providing a full life experience for infants, children and adults with developmental disabilities and The Painted Turtle (CA), a camp founded by Paul Newman to inspire children with life-threatening diseases. He also volunteered his time for over 15 years with various organizations helping seniors citizens. 

     After the economic down-turn in 2009, del Busto lost all of his investments and closed down his businesses, having to lay off his team. "...It was not just about me.  It was also about the passionate team that was with me until the end, explains del Busto."   He moved back to Argentina and then to Turkey. Over time, while in Istanbul, Europe, South America and the US, he helped other designers with their marketing, public relations, fabric clothing manufacturers research and he assisted many fashion weeks and expos. He also created a collection of his abstract paintings and paintings of horses in every city where he lived.  

     He returned to the US at the end of 2013 where he pursued different interests but his soul remained in art and fashion. Today Jorge del Busto is based in Los Angeles where he is rebranding and creating his beautiful signature designs for private clients and select and exclusive specialty fashion venues.

Why it is Unique?
• One of the kind garments and accessories to
compliment clients' looks
• Made to measure, custom, avant gard, demi-couture
• High quality materials (fine and natural textiles, hand beaded/
embroidery, precious custom jewelry)
On the photo: Eugenia & Jorge
in Cannes, France


Jorge del Busto's Logo:
The Bragado Stallion Legend 
In the 1700's there was a famous stallion in the Pampas, a region in Argentina. The horse's coat was a beautiful red bay hue with a dramatic splash of white on his belly. Soldiers, natives and gauchos from all over tried to capture the stallion with no success. 
One day, the horse was surrounded by soldiers. He leapt off the cliff and disappeared into the deep waters of the lagoon. A cold feeling of death paralyzed the soldiers. A gaucho whispered... "Stallion Bragado... you prefer to die instead of losing your freedom, from now on this lagoon will have your name..."  Years later, del Busto's great-great-grandfather, Colonel Eugenio del Busto founded a city at the edge of the same lagoon and named it Bragado. Today del Busto uses the stallion Bragado as the logo of his lifestyle label in honor of his family and country.
In Argentina, the City of Bragado is the national city of the horse.



Miami Beach

Florida 33139

Photography by
Jorge del Busto
Istanbul 2013

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